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Altaf Hussain Hali`s social commentary praised

ISLAMABAD: `Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali`s work covers all aspects of life and his poetry remains relevant today. Since Hall saw the downfall of Muslims, there is also some disappointment in his poetry,` said renowned literary figure Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik.

He was speaking at `Bayad-e-Hali` an event organised by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) to mark the 100th death anniversary oflegendary Urdu poet and writer Maulana Hali.

`Some persons criticise Hali and others defend him. I believe that works like Hali`s should be critically examined in every era because it highlights new qualities,` he said.

`Hali showed us the way to development. He is a literary figure who kept the foundation of new poetry and isregarded as the pioneer,` he said.

He explained that evolution in Hali`s thought began with his affiliation with the Aligarh Movement. He discussed the problems facing Indian Muslims at the time, in his works which are known as `Mussadas-e-Hall`.

Poet Dr Ehsan Akbar said that `Mussadas-e-Hali` is the story of the downfall of Muslims.

`Hali brought innovation in both poetry and prose. He narrated his disappointment with the 1857 war in his poetry and gave the message that a nation`s miseries can result in creative expression,` he said.

He said Hali was impressed with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and discussed him in his poetry and prose.

Professor Dr Najeeba Arif said before Hall Urdu prose was very limited in itsscope. `There was an allegation that Hali tried to highlight good policies of British rulers in his poetry and was working for the west,` she said.

Poet Muhammad Izharul Haq said he was shocked to hear what Dr Najeeba Arif had narrated.

`Unfortunately people try to find controversy behind everything,` he said.

`It is not correct that Hali was working for the west. I believe that Hali did what Sir Syed Ahmed Khan did for the Muslims of the sub-continent. Hali said clerics and elite have been determining the fate of people and that is true even today,` he said.

Poet Muhammad Hameed Shahid said that although a number of people criticise Hali but subcontinent`s poetry cannot be discussed without discussing Hali.-A Reporter