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Pamphlet claiming responsibility for Larkana explosions found

By Mohammad Hussain Khan 2016-08-01
HYDERABAD: Larkana police are reported to have found a pamphlet purported to have been written by Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA) claiming responsibility for Saturday`s explosions near a Rangers` checkpoint. It warns the paramilitary force to leave Sindh as soon as possible.

The pamphlet, whose image was sent to Dawn by a senior police officer by WhatsApp on Sunday, reads: `Sindh`s geography, demography, natural resources and national identity are under threat in the state system of Pakistan.

`Sindh`s trade routes and railway lines are being used only for exploitation of Sindh`s natural resources, oil, gas, coal, etc. In such context, SRA feels its historical responsibility to save Sindh from upcoming national threats and challenges`.DIG Larkana Abdullah Shaikh told Dawn that police were examining the pamphlet, but avoided making any further comment.

He said it would be premature to say anything at the moment, although responsibility was claimed by the organisation through the pamphlet.

The DIG said everything would be shared with the media but only after completion of investigation into the case.

The pamphlet written in both English and Sindhi further says: `Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army claims responsibility for bomb blast attack on Rangers in Larkana and warns Rangers to leave Sindh`s cities and rural areas quickly. SRA will continue its struggle until complete freedom of Sindhudesh.

A Rangers man was killed and 15 others, including ñve personnel of the paramilitary force, were injured in two explosions near the Rangers` checkpost on Mirokhan Road on Saturday.