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Tribesmen concerned over water leakage

GHALANAI: The residents of Prang Ghar tehsil in Mohmand Agency expressed concern over leakage from Moto Shah small dam, which was fi lled to its capacity after heavy rain last week. The dam was completed in September 2014 at a cost of Rs191.60 million.

Mohammad Gul, a tribal elder, told Dawn that the reservoir was leaking from nine points, which posed danger to the dam. A water channel to irrigate 627 acres land was also taken out from the dam but the recent fl ood badly damaged it at different places, he added.

Mr Gul said that sub-standard material was used in the construction of the dam.

The fl ood swept away the spillways while the water channel dried up, he said.

The local people demanded of Governor Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan and Mohmand Agency political agent to conduct an inquiry into the matter. FDA Agency coordination offi cer Tariq Khan said that engineers already inspected the dam. They were of the view that the leakage would stop, he added. — Correspondent