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Tension grips Naurang after firing by tribesmen

By Our Correspondent 2013-12-01
LAKKI MARWTAT, Nov 30: Tension gripped Naurang city on Saturday morning when members of Dilkhozai tribe showed up and resorted to firing in the air in a bid to occupy a disputed land.

Dilkhozai and Musakhel tribes lay a claim to the land reportedly owned by Pakistan Railways.

On Friday, Musakhel tribesmen had pulled down some structures built by Dilkhozai tribesmen at the disputed land.They had also fired gunshots in the air.

Afterwards, members of Marwat Qaumi Jirga, including Raees of Eesakkhel, Haji Muhammad Aslam Khan, Haji Ameer Nawaz Khan, MPA Anwar Hayat Khan and Maulana Bashir Ahmad Haqqani, stepped in to avert possible clash between both tribes and convinced their elders to resolve the issue through dialogue.

However, armed Dilkhozai tribesmen reached Naurang city on Saturday morning and began firing bullets in the air.

MPA Anwar Hayat Khan rushed to the place and tried in vain to stop tribesmen from firing gunshots. Kamal injured himself by accidentally firing a bullet in his arm.

Firing by tribesmen panicked and terrorised the people and forced traders to shut shops.

In no time, police led by DPO Abdul Rashid Khan reached the place in large numbers and calmed the tense situation.

Later, the shopkeepers opened shops and began business.

Pt>1ice remained alert in the town for the rest of the day.

They booked several tribesmen for terrorising people by firing in the air.

Also,policeandlocaladministrationofficialsmetandfinalised the strategy to maintain peace in the city.

The district police officer told reporters that the law and order situation was under control.

He said police won`t allow anyone to take the law into their hands. The DPO said those behind the firing would be dealt with strictly.

He said police would evict illegal occupants of Pakistan Railway land and ensure protection of the official property.