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Disturbing details of Malir family murder emerge

By Imtiaz Ali 2022-12-01
KARACHI: Police on Wednesday launched an investigation into the gruesome murder of a woman and her three minor daughters by her husband in Malir and recorded the suspect`s initial statement.

The suspect, Fawwad, who was a salesman by profession, also attempted suicide after murdering his wife and daughters inside his rented home in Shamsi Society.

The victims were laid to rest at a local graveyard in Azeempura.

Coffins of the four Huma, 40, and her three daughters Neha, 16; Fatima, 12; and Nimra, 10 were brought to their maternal home in Shah Faisal Colony for their last rites.quarrelling with him.

He claimed that he ate a meal with his three daughters, during which his wife kept quarrelling with him.

His elder daughter started weeping saying that they (the three daughters) were upset due to daily fights of their mother and father. After the meal, two daughters went to sleep, the suspect added.

The suspect said that he was under stress because he had taken a loan and his creditors were demanding their money back, while he was also upset over frequent fights with his wife.

`In a fit of anger,` he claimed to have first killed his elder daughter, who was weeping, with a knife and later killed his two little daughters in their sleep. After this, he claimed, he also killed his wife.

Following the gruesome 1(illings, he sent pictures of his slain family members to his `investors` and informed them that he had `ended everything` and now he was going to take his own life as well.

He attempted suicide by cutting his neck with the same knife as well. However, he survived and is under treatment at hospital.