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`Overcoming energy crisis a must to ensure sustainable development`

By Our Staff Correspondent 2016-11-02
HYDERABAD: Speakers at an international symposium held here on Tuesday stressed the need for resolving the energy crisis and environment issues being faced by Pakistan. They said that sustainable development could not be ensured without overcoming the energy crisis.

The symposium was part of the three-day `4th international conference on energy, environment and sustainable development` being held at the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro. It has been organised by the Energy andEnvironmental Engineering Research Group of the university in collaboration with the US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Water.

Speaking as the chief guest, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) managing director Syed Wamig Bokhari said that the country`s population was on the rise which put a big responsibility on energy and environment experts to ensure proper utilisation of natural resources.

`The energy crisis and environmental degradation are global challenges and we will have to find out how to meet them through modern technologies make sustainable development possible,` he said.He stressed the need for integrated longterm energy planning in Pakistan.

Welcoming the delegates, MUE T vice chancellor Prof Dr Mohammed Aslam Ugaili spelt out the aims and objectives of the symposium and urged the participating experts give their valuable input at plenary and technical sessions. He expressed his confidence that the delegates would present practicable recommendations to help all stakeholders to overcome the crises. He said the recommendations and proposals would be sent to government for due consideration.

Italy`s former minister for environment, land & sea, Prof Dr Corrado Clini said that energy and environment challenges were aglobal phenomenon. Pakistan, India, China and certain other states, he said, were the developing countries facing the major issue of increasing population.

`If these countries depended on traditional energy (coal etc), this will enhance environmental risks. They better opt for renewable sources like solar and wind energy.

Prof Dr Khanji Harijan said the conference, which would continue till Thursday, also featured presentations and specialised workshops.

Delegates from United Kingdom, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan as well as various local organisations and research bodies of universities across the country are participating in the conference.