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Political alliance to launch drive for Fata-KP merger

PESHAWAR: All Fata Political Parties Alliance has threatened to launch a movement for merger of Federally Administered Tribal Areas with Khyber Pal(htunkhwa if federal government continues to delay it.

Addressing a seminar on `Fata Reforms` at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday, the leaders of AFPPA said that the committee constituted by the government recommended reforms in Fata.

They said that government was delaying implementation of the recommendations.

`It is tantamount to keep tribal people deprived of their constitutional, democratic and politics rights for an indefinite period,` said the AFPPA leaders.

Through a resolution, the participants called for complete repeal of Frontier Crimes Regulation and merger of Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Sardar Khan, the president of the alliance, said that AFPPA would hold protests and stage sit-in withactive participation of parliamentarians, retired bureaucrats, civil society members and students to force the government to bring reforms in Fata.

He said that AFPPA would hold a gathering on May 14 in Peshawar to devise future line of action in that regard.

He said that government was wasting time on non-issues instead of paying heed to the implementation of the reforms agenda in tribal areas. He said that tribal people were facing difficulties due to the prevailing uncertain situation.

Mr Khan said that authorities failed to ensure rehabilitation of displaced tribal families. He said that no concrete measures had been taken to approve the proposed Fata reforms bill in National Assembly. He said that policy had exposed the seriousness of the government toward development and giving fundamental rights to people of Fata.

AFPPA general secretary Iqbal Afridi, Fata Lawyers Forum president Rahim Shah Afridi, Jamaat-i-Islami leader Zarnoor Afridi, Maulana Abdul Majeed, Wahid Afridi, PTI activist Fukharuddin Khan, Shah Hussain Shinwari, Shah Faisal Afridi,Jahan Zada and others, also spoke on the occasion.

Zarnoor Afridi said that political parties would continue struggle to rid tribal people of FCR. He said that government was not sincere with tribal people.

Wahid Afridi said that AFPPA should take parliamentarians on board in the struggle. Kinza Iqtedar, a member of the alliance, rejected that the proposed `Riwaj` regulation and demanded of the government to ensure equal participation of men and women in the reforms process.

Fukharuddin said that tribal people were facing difficulties in the prevalent circumstances in Fata. He alleged that bureaucrats, political agents and tribal elders were creating hurdles to reforms.

Maulana Abdul Majeed said that delay in reforms was joke with people of Fata.

He said that all political leaders should unite on Fata reforms as it was more important than the issue of Panama Leaks. `There is immense disappointment among tribal people. The reforms agenda should be enforced immediately to remove sense of deprivation among tribal people,` he added.Bureau