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CTD claims to have foiled terrorism bid

By Our Correspondent 2017-06-03
BAHAWALPUR: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) claimed on Friday to have foiled a terrorist attack in Minchinabad and arrested four suspected terrorists of a banned outfit along with explosives and other material.

According to a CTD spokesman, they received a tip-off that the suspects were planning a terrorist activity near DarbarSaadRasoolAliShahinMinchinabad,Bahawalnagar district.

The CTD personnel carried out an operation and arrested four suspected activists of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (T TP) Punjab.

The arrested included Muhammad Naeem of Islamabad, Tahseen Askari of Gujrat district, Zahir Khan and Umer Yar of Rawalpindi.

The CTD also claimed to have recovered 3kg of explosives, hand grenades, prima cord and detonators from their possession.

The department said the terrorists had been shif ted to an undisclosed location and investigation was under way.

QUACKS: A district monitoring committee would be constituted to take immediate measures to eliminate quacks from the district.

Presiding over a special meeting, Deputy Commissioner Rana Muhammad Saleem Afzal said that the proposed committee would have the powers to seal clinics, medical stores and impose fine up to Rs500,000 on quacks under government rules and regulations.

The meeting was informed that under the directions of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, a crackdown with the support of Punjab Healthcare Commission would be launched on quackery in the district.