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Passenger offloaded for currency smuggling

By Our Staff Reporter 2019-02-04
RAWALPINDI: A passenger travelling from Islamabad to Manchester was offloaded for allegedly trying to smuggle foreign currency on Sunday.

According to the authorities, the currency was seized when passengers were being scanned for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-701 to Manchester from Islamabad International Airport.

Airpon Security Force (ASF) staff found a trolley bag belonging to a woman suspicious and upon searching the luggage found £21,435, Saudi Riyals 2,717 and Rs61,520 inside.

The passenger, identified as Zahida Begum, told authorities the money belonged to her.

She said she had sold land in Jhelum district and was carrying its payment.

The passenger was handed over to Customs authorities, as legally a passenger may only travel with $10,000 and has to seek government permission for any sum exceeding that amount.