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TLP moves court against workers` detention

Bureau Report 2018-12-04
PESHAWAR: The Tehreek-i-Labbalk Pakistan on Monday moved the Peshawar High Court against the detention of its 133 workers in the province and sought orders for the provincial government to release them and not to make more arrests.

In the petition, TLP provincial chief Falak Niaz requested the court to order the recovery of its 133 workers from the `illegal and unlawful` custody of the government by declaring their detention illegal and unconstitutional.

The petitioner claimed that the party hadn`t been informed about under what law its workers had been detained.

He requested the court to declare null and void the government notification of the detentions in question if any.

As interim relief, the petitioner prayed the court to stop the government from arresting more TLP workers until the final disposal of the petition and issue directions for the right of visitation to the detainees.

The petition filed through lawyers Yousaf Ali and Syed Saud Shah said the 133 TLP workers were taken away from their houses or other places on Nov 23, 24 and 30, before being 1(ept at the Haripur Central Prison.

The petitioner said the police had made forced entry to the TLP workers` houses to arrest them.

He said the detainees` repeated requests to the government and relevant officials to explain the reason for their detention hadfallen on deafears.

The petitioner said the detained TLP workers had lived a peaceful life and there was no FIR registered against them anywhere in the province.