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Protests outside UN against Hazara killings

By Masood Haider 2012-05-05
NEW YORK, May 4: Scores of Balochi-Hazara people held a demonstration in front of the United Nations on Friday in protest against the killings of innocent Hazara civilians daily by militant Taliban-style organisations.

Men and women carriedplacards with slogans `UN Don`t Allow Quetta to become another Rwanda`,`Stop the killings` and down, down, Zardari`.

They shouted `stop the killings of Hazara in Balochistan` and other slogans.

In a press statement, the coalition of Hazara peopleblamed Lashkar-i-Jhangavi whom they called a Taliban affiliate, for the mass murders of students and Hazara business leaders.

They claimed that since 1999 more than 2,100 Hazara people had been killed in targeted attacks.