Training of Mizos
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| 8/6/2016 12:00:00 AM
LAHORE: President Mohammad AyubKhan today [Aug 5] said there was no truth whatsoever in the Indian allegations that Pakistan was training the rebel Mizo tribes of Assam in guerrilla warfare.

He said the fact of the matter was that some of the Mizo tribals who lived in India along Pakistani border, `were forcefully driven by the Indians into our border and became liability on us.` Remarking that obviously Pakistan could do nothing in the matter the President added: `Shall we shoot them? We have no heart to do so.

The real trouble, he said, was that India did not look after her people. Instead they ill-treated their minorities and tried to put the blame on others.

So far as Pakistan was concerned, she was interested in peace on her borders, he added. Staff Correspondent [Meanwhile, as reported by our Correspondent from Quetta,] social security institutions would be set up, one each at Karachi and Lyallpur, for the benefit of labourers. This was stated by the Provincial Labour Minister Mr Mohammad Khan Junejo.

He told correspondents here that under the scheme six per cent of the wages of labourers would be collected out of which four per cent would be contributed by employers while the rest by labourers themselves.

In the first phase, the Minister said, the scheme would cover textile workers and later it will be extended to all industrial units of West Pakistan.

The social security institutions, under first phase, would start f unctioning within four months.

Mr Junejo was of the view that introduction of this scheme would bring a revolutionary change for the better in socio-economic condition of the working class. He said the details of the scheme would be made public shortly.

[Agencies add,] spealcing on development, Mr Junejo said the Government of West Pakistan has allocated Rs 1,08,00,000 in the current Budget for construction of roads in the QuettaKalat region.