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Three murdered in separate incidents

RAWALPINDI: Three people were murdered while another was injured over petty disputes in the city.

Mohammad Irfan complained to Ratta Amral police that he came to meet his brother along with his cousin at a filling station in Shahzad colony.

While he was meeting his brother, he said two persons came on a motorcycle and after getting the fuel tank filled they refused to pay the cost which led to quarrel between the two and his brother, who was the filling station attendant.

While they were fighting, the pillion rider pulled out his revolver andshot at his brother Mohammad Ishf aq, seriously injuring him and subsequently causing his death.

Adnan Aziz, lodged an FIR with the Rawat police saying that his brother Rizwan Aziz, who owns a passenger van had a quarrel with another van driver Yamin over parking issue.

He said, however, the issue was settled at that time but after some time, Nabeel, Yameen and another person carrying pistol and axe came there and opened fire at his brother and cousin. As a result, his brother Rizwan Aziz died while his cousin was injured critically.

Tahir Nadeem, a resident of KallarSyedan was shot dead by his rivals over petty dispute.

Safdar Mehmood lodged an FIR with the police saying that his brother-in-law, Tahir Mehmood was shot dead by Tasawar over quarrel between their children.

He said Tahir was shot and injured allegedly by Tasawar and later died while being shifted to hospital. The alleged killer escaped f rom the scene.

Meanwhile, some unidentified robbers raided a garlic farm in Chontra area and shot and injured an employee of the farm while fleeing with theloot.-Staff Reporter