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Three booked for assaulting woman in Murree

RAWALPINDI: A woman was allegedly raped by three men in a forest of Murree Hills. The suspects are yet to be arrested though police have registered a case.

The victim, a widow and resident of Faizabad, lodged an FIR stating that she along with her friend was in Murree to collect money from one Tufail on Saturday.

She said as they reached a bus stand and were waiting for a cab, a car stopped by and its driver, who identified himself as Rafaqat, asked the two women where they wanted to go.

The complainant said she asked the man if he knew Mr Tufail. In reply, he said he knew him very well and can drop them at his house. Oblivious to what was going to happen, both the women sat in his car.

After driving them to a wooded area, the man told them that Tufail lived nearby but they would have to walk to reach his home.

The victim said they got out of the car and started walking. In the meantime, they found two other persons already sitting in the jungle. The complainant said the three suspects grabbed her while her friend ran away. The victim said the three men sexually assaulted her and escaped.

The police said an investigation had been started after the registration of a case based on the statement of the woman. Staff Reporter