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Six BLF militants surrender

By Behram Baloch 2017-08-07
GWADAR: Two important leaders and four other militants belonging to the banned Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) have surrendered themselves to security forces and announced that they were joining the mainstream politics in the country.

During a ceremony held here on Sunday, the six men handed over their weapons to Colonel Ali Saeed of Frontier Corps and other officials.

The two former militant leaders were identified as Hali alias Hahaz and Rafiq alias Aamir, and the four others as Nawaz alias Kia, Faiz alias Koh-Perawarish, Balaach and Mero alias Meerak.

Hali and Rafiq said on the occasion that they would remain loyal to the state and work for the progress of the country.

`We have decided to end our armed struggle against the state and join the mainstream politics to serve the country and its people who were facing hardship and hunger due to war-like situation in our area, Rafiq said.

He said their so-called leaders were misguiding innocent people against the state and the government. He said he and his fellows would now work for the progress and prosperity of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Colonel Saeed welcomed the decision of the six men and said the young people abandoning militancy and joining the mainstream politics would be given jobs. The government would give them financial assistance for their rehabilitation, he said, adding that they would be provided complete security.

The weapons the six men handed over to the officials included six SMGs, hand grenades and hundreds of rounds of different calibres.

Official sources said that the six men had remained involved in attacks on security forces and targeted killings in Pasni and Ormara towns of Gwadar district.