Award winner calls for curriculum reforms
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By Muqaddam Khan | 10/7/2017 12:00:00 AM
SWABI: Gulalai Ismail, who won the prestigious Anna Politkovskaya Award on Thursday, has said that a result-oriented role of the government and entire society and massive curriculum reforms are needed to eradicate the menace of extremism and terrorism from the society and establish a stable environment.

Gulalai shared the annual Reach All Women in War Anna Politkovskaya Award with Gauri Lankesh, an Indian newspaper editor who was brutally killed by unidentified extremists in Bengaluru because she fearlessly spoke against the narrow nationalism and increasing intolerance in the Indian society.

Daughter of Prof Mohammad Ismail, Gulalai, 31, belongs to Marghuz town of Swabi district. In an exclusive chat with Dawn at her native town here on Friday, she said that collective efforts were needed to rid the society of extremism and arrest radicalisation.

She recalled that she founded the advocacy group Aware Girls at a teenage and worked with complete determination for the women rights in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal region where the women faced oppression and discrimination.

`It was my determination to work in a young age as peace activist in the maledominated society to counter militant radicalisation and extremism,` said Gulalai who had already receivedother international awards.

However, she said this award was distinguished because she stood among those famous women who had fought for the genuine cause and humanity and people`s emancipation.

Gulalai called for adoption of a long-term policy which should be followed by successive governments. `The ruling class must come forward and strengthen the policy and support those who work for establishing an extremism-free society. The continuation of the policy is extremely vital, only then we can make true our dream of a prosperous life,` she said.

The women rights activist said that she had studied various books of different classes and reached a conclusion that there was a dire need to change the curriculum.

`We must drastically change our curriculum to eliminate extremism. It is responsibility of all political parties and government, especially the ruling and elite class to ensure transformation of the system while taking practical steps,` she remarked.

`We already lag behind in every field and more delay could cause more damage to our crisis-ridden society.

Remember, without quality education we can`t achieve our objective in any field, she said.

Gulalai said that empowerment and acquisition of knowledge were the two tools which could help the females to demonstrate their full potential. In this regard, she said that the number of seats reserved for women in the assemblies should be increased and leaders of the political parties must support the female candidates to contest election on general seats. She also called for establishing more schools for girls.