Sundar power supply improved
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By Our Staff Reporter | 12/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
LAHORE: National ElectricPowerRegulatory Authority Chairman Tauseef Faroogi inaugurated the upgraded grid station at Sundar Industrial Estate on Thursday, assuring the business community to resolve their problems related to uninterrupted power supply and affordable tariff.

`I assure business people of my full support in addressing the shortfall of power to run industrial unit s uninterrupte dly,` he said.

`I`ll also try for an affordable power tariff for the industry,` he said to reporters.

Industrial estate being maintained by the Punjab Industrial Estates Development & Management Co (PIEDMC), have long beenfacing electricity shortfall, supply of sanctioned load, and lacl( of upgraded grid stations and systems.

Sunder`s 220/1321N grid station would often malfunction because of less load and more demand.

Since its sanctioned load was 104MW, the SIW management was unable to get more electricity.

Now, its capacity has been enhanced to regulate 144MW.

He said as adequate power supply would run industry, the addition of transformers would mean more jobs for 15,000 workers at Sundar.

LESCO: A Lahore Electric Supply Company (northern circle) team captured on Friday three people in the Shadbagh area for tampering with meters and got registered cases against them besides charging them with 180,000 units, according to a spokesman.