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Call for probe into girl`s death at welfare centre

By Our Staff Reporter 2020-02-08
LAHORE: The mysterious death of a girl who had grown up in various welfare organisations, has generated controversy as police believe it is a case of suicide whereas a former superintendent of Kashana dubs it a `fabricated story`.

Married to Abid Sanaullah of Green Town almost one year ago, Iqra Kainat, 23, died on Wednesday last. Her death drew attention when the Edhi Centre issued her death certificate on Thursday declaring that she died due to illness. Police suspected that she had committed suicide.

The Edhi Centre, Lahore said Iqra was admitted to the Edhi Home, Township and she was suffering from a disease at that time.

On the other hand, a police official claimed that the girl hadtaken `chemical/acid` a few days ago over domestic issues with her husband and in-laws. He said Iqra was taken to hospital where she survived because of timely treatment and was discharged accordingly.

As she refused to go back to the residence of her in-laws, she was sent to the Edhi Home where she died on Wednesday, the police official said.

As the death of the girl came to the fore, Afshan Latif, a former caretaker of Kashana welfare organisation, demanded a probe into her sudden death. Ms Af shan said Iqra had grown up in the Child Protection Bureau, Darul Aman and Kashana and she was a witness to the plight of the girls staying there.

She has appealed to the chief minister and other authorities concerned to order a fair investigation in the case.