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Zoo takes steps to protect animals, birds from heat

By Our Staff Reporter 2020-06-08
LAHORE: The Lahore Zoo has done all arrangements to protect animals and birds from summer heat.

`This year the summer is not that rigorous but our arrangements are complete,` Lahore Zoo Director Shafgat All told Dawn on Sunday. He said changes in food and installation of coolers and sprinklers had been done to protect the animals and birds from heat.

Lahore Zoo veterinarian Dr Warda said all animals and birds were healthy and being given food and supplements according to their respective requirements.

Mr Ali said it`s been a couple of weeks that arrangements had been completed. `Animals and birds are being provided with plenty of water besides fruity diet, supplements and minerals to protect them from summer issues. The zoo has installed coolers and sprinklers in the enclosures and cages of animals, besides creating shades for them. Arrangements have also been made to ensure that there is adequate drinking water so that animals do not dehydrate.

`Change in food has also been introduced to lessen the heat effect. Fruity diet such as melons, watermelons and cucumbers have been added to the food list of animals such as hippo, giraffe, ostrich, monkeys, bear, and birds. For lions and tigers, vitamins and supplements have been added to their diet to cover their water loss.

`The installment of fans, desert coolers and ice blocks in cages and enclosures have also been ensured.

Animals such as lama, bear and dear are more sensitive animals which need extra care in summers. That`s why zoo has made special arrangements for extra cooling in their cages,` he added.