Status of a teacher
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| 10/9/2017 12:00:00 AM
RECENTLY,we observed the Teachers` Day. The renowned writer, the late Ashf aq Ahmed, writes that while in Italy he once was summoned by a court of law to face a trial. The judge and the audience gave him a standing ovation on learning that he was a teacher. He adds that at that moment the secret of success of the Italian nation dawned upon him.

If we have a cursory glance at the current social milieu, we will learn that our society does not pay due respect to teachers. While commuting in public transport, ateacherisnotgiven a due respect. The government cannot be absolved in this regard.

A teacher must perform whether there is flood, election or census duties along with teaching. With each passing day, the government introduces new and novel policies to improve the f alling standard of education. But without improving our teachers` lot, no policy will improve education standard. We have to change the mindset of our entire nation towards teachers.

MuhammadFayyaz Mianwali