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Pakistan tenders for 50,000 tonnes of sugar

HAMBURG: The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has issued a new international tender to purchase 50,000 tonnes of white sugar, European traders said on Friday.

The deadline for submission of price offers is Oct 13.

Price offers in a previous tender from Pakistan had only been submitted on Wednesday.

The new tender means Pakistan is currently seeking a total of 100,000 tonnes of sugar in international markets.

Traders said the TCP has delayed a decision on Wednesday`s tender and has asked trading houses to extend the validity of their price offers until Oct 11.

The Pakistani government had in 2020 approved sugar imports to meet a shortage as production fell below consumption levels.

The new tender again seeks medium to fine grade granular sugar which should open up more possible supply origins, traders said.

Rapid shipment is again sought in the new tender with shipment of the first 25,000 tonnes being undertaken in only 15 days plus voyage time after contract award. All the sugar must arrive in Pakistan by Nov 15.

The sugar is sought from worldwide origins packed in bags.-Reuters