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Support sought for families of slain tribal journalists

GHALANAI, Dec 8: The families of four journalists of Mohmand Agency, who were killed in the line of duty, have been facing severe financial problems to continue education of their children.

Journalists Pervez Khan, Abdul Wahab and Zia Wali Shah were killed in a suicide blast at Ghalanai on Dec 6, 2010, while Mukarram Khan Atif was shot dead by attackers on Jan 17, 2012. Their families are passing through hard times, as their children have not been extended any stipend by the government so they could easily continue their education.

Mr Pervez had left behind two sonsand two daughters;Mr Wahab three daughters and Mr Shah a son and two daughters while Mr Atif had no child.

`We have not been provided the stipend for children,` said Taj Wali and Mohib Ali, brothers of Mr Pervez and Mr Shah, respectively. They said they had sent applications to the president, prime minister, governor and the political agent, but there was no response.

`We have no money to buy uniform for our children,` said the mother of Mr Wahab.

Hisham, elder son of Mr Pervez, was studying at a private school in Mohmand Agency, while the female children were admitted to schools in their native town, which were closed because of the security situation.

When contacted, former president of Tribal Union of Journalists Safdar Hayat said that the slain tribal journalists` families and particularly their children needed compensation and free education and health facilities. -Correspondent