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Transporters decry bus stand tax

By Our Correspondent 2013-12-09
GHALANAI, Dec 8: The Mohmand Transport Union has threatened to observe a wheel jam strike against collection of double tax here at the Bajaur bus stand.

Speaking at a meeting of the union of ficer-bearers at Mian Mandi Bazaar, Dawood Mohmand, Zahir Khan and Abdul Ghaffar said that the political administration with the help of a local contractor had been collecting Rs320 instead of Rs150 as stand tax from every coach at Bajaur-Khar bus stand.

They claimed that several transporters had switched to other businesses due to such excesses.

Meanwhile, the political administration of Mohmand Agency has stopped payment of salaries to about 500 class-IV employees under the collective responsibility clause of the Frontier Crimes Regulation.

Sources said that through a notification the administration had suspended all incentives, including salaries and allowances of these employees from Ghalanai and adjoining areas of Ghalanai small dam.

An official told Dawn that the salaries were stopped on account of attack on Ghalanai small dam in September where three persons were killed and two others kidnapped.

The sources said that the low-grade employees from various tribes were being considered hostile under section 21 of the FCR. Officials said that the political administration had asked the respective tribes to take measures on their own to protect government property in their areas.