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Security situation improves in Fata, claims report

By Our Correspondent 2017-08-10
KHAR: Security situation has improved in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas during the second quarter of 2017 (AprilJune)as violentincidents declined by 19 per cent compared to the first quarter, according to a report released by the Fata Research Centre here on Wednesday.

The report said a total of 100 violent incidents -both terrorism and counterterrorismwere reported in the entire tribal area in the period mentioned, compared to 119 violent incidents reported during the first quarter of 2017.

It said out of these 100 incidents, 37 were terrorist attacks carried out by terrorist outfits, while 63 related to various counterterror-ism actions.

The report said 18 terrorist attacks (49 per cent) targeted the security forces while 15 attacks (40 per cent) were directed against civilians.

Three terrorist attacks (8 per cent) targeted members of Amn Lashkar, while only one incident of infighting between terrorist groups was also reported during the period.

It mentioned that there had been a slightincrease in counterterrorism operations by the security forces who conducted 61 operations during the second quarter, compared to the first quarter of 2017, in which 60 counterterrorism operations were conducted.

The report stated that three drone strikes by the US against terrorists in Orkazai and NorthWaziristan were also reported during the period.

It said a total of 309 casualties -110 killed and 197 injured -were reported across Fata during the second quarter of2017.

PUBLIC MEETING: The residents of Warh Mamond tehsil here on Tuesday announced not to vote for non-local candidates in the upcoming general elections.

They made the announcement during a public meeting held in Kalpani locality.

The speakers said Warh Mamond was the most populated region of Bajaur, but the residents had been deprived of basic facilities. They said the region had badly suffered due to militancy and counterterrorism measures as road, education, health and water supply infrastructure had been battered.The speakers said the people had approached the local administration and the lawmaker time and again for rehabilitating the damaged infrastructure, but no steps were taken in that regard.

They said neither the local lawmaker nor the administration officials had visited the region since along to know about the problems facing the locals.

They slammed MNA Haji Bismillah Khan and his son Senator Hidayatullah Khan for not fulfilling their promises about renovation of damaged infrastructure in the region and establishment of some new schools and health units.

The elders announced that Gul Zafar Khan, a local man, would be the candidate for NA-43 in the general elections.