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Hunza girl`s mysterious death declared suicide

GILGIT: The death of a teenage girl in mysterious circumstances in Hunza was declared suicide on Saturday.

Police said postmortem report confirmed cause of death was suicide. The girl, 15, of Altit village of Hunza, was found dead in a washroom of her house on Tuesday. The victim was student of 8th class in a government school.

Talking to Dawn, SSP Tahira Yaqoob said the incident was investigated from various angles, and according to the postmortem report, the girl had committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope in the washroom of her house.

The police of ficer said the teenage girl belonged to a poor family as her f ather was labourer and had to care for his six siblings. She said the girl had complaints with her family members over petty issues in the past as well.

The police of ficial said the victim had earlier demanded of her parents to enroll her in a private school, but her f ather could not afford to do so due to high expenditures.

The girl was also not satisfied with government school education and facilities.

Meanwhile, local activists lef t posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media pages, condemning the government, Agha Khan Development Network and other NGOs for failing to provide better education facilities to poor students.

Azam Baig Tajik, an activist, posted in his Facebook timeline `We are sorry for the poor girl my heart bleeds. Shame on you AKDN, the GB government and so-called leaders of Hunza`. Correspondent