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SNGPL BS-17 batch gets abysmally low salary

By Our Staff Reporter 2022-05-11
LAHORE: Several grade-17 officers (2019-20 executive batch) of the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) have expressed grave concern over extremely low salaries (Rs35,000 a month) they are being paid, and urged the company management and the Ministry of Energy (petroleum division) to take notice of the situation.

`It is high time the federal government took notice and issued strict directions to SNGPL`s Management and BoD to addressthe concerns of the SNGPL Executive Batch 2019-20,` said the of ficers in a letter.

`We, the SNGPL Executive Batch 2019-20, are on the verge of poverty.

They said an officer`s salary was just Rs35,000 that includes the basic salary of Rs23,000.

`We (150 officers) are suffering financial distress since our joining (December 2019) because of company`s poor salary structure. The same problem has been raised in front of the Internal Management several times but nothing has been done till date.

`These positions were announced in 2018 and nearly 10,000 people applied against the advertised positions. After initial screening, a competitive technical exam, panel interview and experience verification, 250 applicantswere offered employment but only 175 joined at that time and now after 25 resignations in 24 months we are only 150 present at the job, explains the letter.

The employees said after initial probation period, it was pledged that the salary would be revised from Rs23,000 to market competitive level. But despite passing of 2.5 years of service, they have been hanging on around the same low takehome salary (approx. 35,000 PKR/inclusive of all allowances).

`We are frustrated and depressed due to inability to meet our basic financial needs at the time when an ordinary household expenses have reached Rs65,000 a month,` they said.

It is disheartening to note that the federal government, provincial governments, OGDCL, PSO,NTDC, and DISCOS have increased salaries by more than 50 per cent in the last two years in addition to yearly increments to combat rising inflation and reduce disparity.

Ogra also acknowledged the employees` disparity in its decision of a Case No. Ogra-6(2)-1(3)/2020ERR of Feb 10, 2021 that reads: `Authority notes with concern that there is noticeable disparity among pay packages of the senior management, when compared with junior level management. This aspect creates sheer discrimination amongst the employees of the same company leading to demotivation.

`We are hopeful that the Government of Pakistan would direct the respective authorities to align our pay to market competitive level on a war footing,` the letter demanded.