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SC decision: pension

I AM a disabled pensioner, 86, a foreign ministry retiree (PP No. IBD/PN-I/5584/ PR), a victim of the finance division and the Accountant-General of Pakistan, Islamabad. The Supreme Court dismissed a petition of the Additional AccountantGeneral, Pakistan (Revenues), Lahore, versus A.A. Zuberi and Syed Abrar Hussain Naqvi in CP No.2393 of 2010 and No.2394 of 2010, thus leaving open the judgement of the division bench of the Lahore High Court, comprising Justice Muhammad Yawa Ali and Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah vide ICA No.118/09 and ICA No.215/09.

The judgement stipulated that the restoration of pension means the pension due to a retired civilservantin thatyear inclusive of all the increments till that time (i.e.) accumulated over the last 15 years in this case. In other words, it would simply double the amount of the 50pc that the respondents are already drawing.

Since then, two pensioners have already drawn the full pension arrears in the light of the above judgement.

However, the same principle has been denied in my case by the Finance Division and AGPR, Islamabad.

The apex court should take suo motu notice under Article 184(3). Its judgement is a reminder.

Aijaz Ahmad Azad Islamabad