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`Pakistan, Azerbaijan enjoy strategic partnership`

By A Reporter 2017-05-12
ISLAMABAD: The good thing about Pakistan`s relations with Central Asian republics and Azerbaijan is that they do not f ace any challenges, diplomats said at a seminar on Thursday.

Diplomats from various countries were speaking at a seminar on `Pakistan Relations with Central Asian Republics and Azerbaijan: Prospects and Challenges`, organised by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI).

The seminar commemorated the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan, Central Asian Republics and Azerbaijan.

Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada told participants thatAzerbaijan came into being 25 years and was facing genocide, and Pakistan was one of the first countries that recognised and provided financial aid to Azerbaijan.

`We support Pakistan on the Kashmir issue and say it should be resolved as per the resolution of the United Nations. There is a strategic partnership between Pakistan and Azerbaijan,` he said.

Mr Alizada said there were many opportunities to develop these relations further, related to economy. He added that Pakistani citizens can now obtain online visas for Azerbaijan.

Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Erik Beishembiev also said Pakistan was one of the first to recognise the country and start diplomatic relations.

`There are trade, economy andcultural relations between the two countries and we don`t have any disagreement with each other.

There is an energy agreement between the two countries, due to which Kyrgyzstan will help Pakistan address the electricity problem,` he said.

He added that the two countries are also collaborating on environmental issues and a Pakistani delegation will visit Kyrgyzstan this August for a conference on snow leopardconservadon.

The ambassador of Turkmenistan, Atadjan Moylamov, said there were historical and cultural connections going back hundreds of years between the people of Turkmenistan and Pakistan, even though the countries came into being later.

`Both countries have been sup-porting each other, and energy agreements have been made to ensure development,` he said.

Speaking at the seminar, Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua said: `When we sit together there are so many things which are common among us. Though relations were strengthened throughout the 25 years, during the last three years economic ties further improved as a number of energy related projects have been started.

She added that a number of diplomats from the Central Asian Republics and Azerbaijan were trained at the Foreign Services Academy.

`The region can get the benefit of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor as the cost of transportation will be decreased because of the project,` she said.