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Model college organises science show

he Pakistan Science Club organised a science show at the Islamabad Model College for Girls F-7/1 on Monday in collaboration with the Prime Minister`s Education Reforms Programme.

Teachers and students from various schools attended and participated in the various interactive sessions conducted by representatives of the Pakistan Science Club.

The aim of the event was to demonstrate how essential science concepts can be introduced in classrooms in an interesting and engaging way.

According to the National Achievement Test, the score of class eight students of mathematics is 47pc and the mean score in science is 41pc of class four students.

It shows that schools across the country are not creating an environment conducive to effective learning inside the classroom which is due to lack of incentive and training on the part of teachers.

Schools do not have science labs and infrastructure essential for providing up to the standard education.

Speaking at the event, representatives of the Pakistan Science Club suggested science clubs be formed at all schools to promote such activities and an interest in mathematics and science.

By Kashif Abbasi