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PPP raps govt for purchase of vehicles for ministers

By Our Staff Reporter 2022-09-12
LAHORE: The Pakistan People`s Party has criticised the Parvez Elahi`s Punjab government for allocating millions of rupees for purchase of new vehicles for members of cabinet at a time when people of the province are drowning in floods.

PPP Punjab Secretary general Hassan Murtaza said here on Sunday the people were drowning in floods in south Punjab, while the provincial government was buying vehicles worth millions for the protocol of the cabinet members.

`I just want to ask if the protocol of the chief minister and his cabinet colleagues is more important than the rehabilitation of the flood victims.

He regretted that the chief minister had not yet visited any flood-affected area and was instead either paying visits to Bani Gala residence of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman or arranging public meetings for Imran Khan.

The national treasury should be spent on the welfare of the people and not the luxury of the rulers, the PPP leader said, warning that the rulers` indifference would cost them dearly in the elections.

Mr Murtaza said the chief minister should consider the public interest while making decisions as the people were crying because of inflation and the provincial government was sleeping.

Information secretary Shehzad Saeed Cheema, meanwhile, cautioned that some court decisions could lead to political instability in the country. In the absence of a uniform standard of justice, the country might face chaos, he warned.

Apparently, in a reference to the `soft treatment` given to Imran Khan by the Islamabad High Court in the case of hurling threats at a woman judge of the lower judiciary, he said `giving concessions` to one and `humiliating` the other would not resolve the matters, cautioning that verdicts given on the basis of popularity of a political figure and his ability to mobilise people would set a negative trend in thejudicialhistory.