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FC denies harassment

LANDI KOTAL: The Frontier Corps has categorically denied that anyone at Shaheed Morr checkpost near Torkham border was harassed in the name of border management policy and the allegations regarding insulting treatment of local residents by the FC personnel were baseless, said a statement issued here on Friday.

Responding to a news published in Dawn on August 12, the FC contended that security forces had adopted an effective border management system at the said checkpost owing to the current threats from across the border and the purpose of strict checking was to stop entry of suspected terrorists to Pakistan and also to keep an eye on the movement of illegal Afghans.

`Frontier Corps Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are guardians of the frontier and a vibrant, effective and dynamic force which has always played a vital role in guarding the Pak-Afghan border, establishing writ of the government and eliminating terrorists,` the statement said.