Police thrash teachers protesting against non-payment of salaries
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By Our Staff Reporter | 9/13/2017 12:00:00 AM
KARACHI: Police on Tuesday resorted to baton charge and used water cannon against teachers protesting against non-payment of their salaries since 2012.

Officials claimed they opted to use the riot-control gear to disperse the protesting teachers and avoid possible damage to property and harm to human life.

Participants of the rally, who gathere d in good number outside the Karachi Press Club, claimed two teachers got injured and three others were arrested during the protest.

The teachers, including women, from the provincial capital and several other districts of Sindh staged a demonstration outside the KPC.

They were holding placards inscribed with demands for the release of their long-standing salaries and dues. They said a total of 7,500 teachers were not receiving their salaries.

Later, they intended to march towards the Chief Minister House. However, the police, equipped with riot gear, intercepted them. Initially, they tried to settle the matter through talks; but, the police used water cannon and baton-charged the protesters when the situation could not get pacified.

Scenes of teachers being hit with batons and thrown by the shooting of high-velocity stream of water from cannons were commonly witnessed on TV channels.

Later, Information Minister Nasir Shah arrived at the KPC and negotiated with the protesters. He regretted the incident and assured the teachers that the matter would be resolved.

However, teachers said their protest would continue until their demands were met.