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Wazirs told to take action against attackers

By Sailab Mahsud 2013-10-14
LADHA, Oct 13: The political administration of South Waziristan has warned the Ahmedzai Wazir tribe in the agency to hand over perpetrators of the Oct 13 suicide attack within three days or f ace action.

The warning was issued by Political Agent Islam Zeb at a jirga, which was held in his office at Wana on Saturday and attended by around 3,000 tribal elders, including ulema and a 120-member peace committee.

Mr Zeb told the jirga that under the collective territorial responsibility clause of Frontier Crime Regulations, it was the duty of Ahmedzai Wazirs to take action against the attackers or hand them over to the government.

He said there was exemplary peace in South Waziristan before the Oct 11 suicide attack on a military convoy near Wana Scouts Camp in which two personnel were killed.

The last such attack was carried out on the Zari Noor military camp on Dec 5, 2012.

Mr Zeb said the latest attack was aimed at challenging the government`s writ and creating the law and order situation and told the jirga that authorities had taken notice of the incident.

He said peace had been restored in the region after security forces and the nation had rendered countless sacrifices.

The jirga said that the Ansarul Mujahideen group had claimed responsibility for the attack.

It may be recalled that Abu Baseer, a `commander` of the group, told the media on Saturday that they had carried out the attack to avenge the death of Mulla Sangeen Zadran who was killed in a drone attack in North Wazirisitan Agency.

The Ahmedzai tribal elders said they were ready to cooperate with the government in maintaining law and order in the region. The political agent gave them three days to take action against the attackers.