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Blind murder of girl resolved

BAHAWALPUR: The Lodhran police have resolved the blind murder of a young girl within the limits of Qureshiwala police.

Saddar Circle DSP Khalid Javed told a press conference on Thursday that on July 3, the police recovered the decomposed body of Irfana Bibi from the fields of village Hayatpur. The Qureshiwala police traced three people involved in the murder.

Irfana had an affair with Gulzar. On July 3, Gulzar came to meet her with his friends Husnain and Zahid.

She objected to their presence, which caused a brawl.

Irfana raised an alarm to attract neighbours, to which the suspects gagged her.

Later, they threw her in the fields where she died and the body remained there for several days.The three suspects confessed to their crime at the press conference.

PANADOL SHORTAGE: As there has been a shortage of life-saving drugs in the open market for some time, now the tablets like Panadol are also unavailable in the city.

The shortage has created trouble for the public.

People say they visit pharmacies at the Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Fowara Chowk, Model Town B and Satellite Town areas to buy Panadol and other medicines every day, but owners of medical stores say the companies have stopped their supply to them.

Some patients alleged the pharmacies were selling tablets at higher prices --a pack of 10 tablets of Panadol at Rs40.0 Some medical storesalleged that the pharmaceutical company had increased its rates from Rs200 per pack to 700-800 per pack. Some retailers claimed that the wholesellers sold Panadol to them only if they buy some other medicines as well. In this situation, they were unable to buy medicines.

The Health Directorate officials say they cannot help the public in this connection as the matter is between the government and medicine companies.

DIES: Fakhr Zaman, of village 156/P near Channigoth, who was admitted to the Bahawal Victoria Hospital on WednesdaydiedonThursday.

The deceased took pesticides to end his life after a domestic issue. The police shifted the body to the mortuary for a postmortem examination. Correspondent