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Handicraft exhibition in Hunza

GILGIT: Benazir Income Support Programme in collaboration with Cheezmall, an online shopping outlet, held an exhibition of the products prepared by the BISP beneficiaries in Hunza here on Saturday.

The handicraft stalls were set up at the grounds of Darbar Hotel in Karimabad.

After inaugurating the event, BISP chairperson Marvi Memon said empowering women economically went a long in poverty alleviation. BISP is a social safety net that not only lends a hand in poverty management but also endeavours to harness entrepreneurial potential of its beneficiaries by marketing their products to help them come out of poverty, she said.

Ms Memon thanked Cheezmall China for collaborating with the BISP to promote and sell products made by BISP beneficiaries at the international level. Cheezmall deals directly with the BISP beneficiaries for purchase of their products, with latter being only the facilitator.

GBLA Deputy Speaker Jafarullah Khan, Senior Minister Mohammad Iqbal, director Cheezmall Ghazanfar Ali Khan, and a large number of local people attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, BISP beneficiaries showcased a variety of products which were purchased by Cheezmall and visitors, and on the spot payments were made.

Approximately, half a million rupees products were purchased by Cheezmall which would further market the products bought on their website to ensure national and international sales.-Correspondent