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Proud of ties

RAWALPINDI: President Bhutto said tonight [Sept 17] that Pakistan had most cordial relations with Iran and Turkey on the one side and with the People`s Republic of China on the other. `We are proud of this relationship on both sides of Pakistan,` he said, while proposing a toast to Queen Farah Pehlavi at a banquet... .

The President wished success to the Queen`s mission to the People`s Republic of China and said it was going to be most rewarding and contribute to peaceful relations in `our troubled world`. News agencies [Meanwhile, according to news agencies in Beirut,] The Lebanese troops were still fighting the withdrawing Israeli forces in South Lebanon today [Sept 17], a Lebanese Army Command statement said. The statement ... said the Israelis were continuing their slow withdrawal ... following yesterday`s thrust into Southern Lebanon. ...

Lebanese Prime Minister Saeb Salam said that ... they [Israel] wanted to divide the Lebanese and ... bring about a clash between them and Palestinians who have legitimate rights... .

Lebanon has always proved that it would be united in the f ace of aggression, Mr. Salam said, and Israel`s first objective was, therefore, impossible to attain. `As for the second objective the enemy has f ailed to achieve it in the past... .