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Murder suspect arrested in Dubai

ISLAMABAD: A man wanted by capital police in a murder case was arrested in Dubai and brought back for trial.

The man allegedly murdered Mustagir Hussein and injured the deceased’s brother Sajjad Hussein in the Mera Bhagwal village on October 16, 2013, to avenge his sister’s death.

Mustagir was to be married to the arrested man’s sister, the police said, and she had been killed by Mustagir’s brother in 2007 which led to an enmity between the families.

The police had arrested the alleged killer of the woman, who was awarded the death sentence and was being held in Adiala Jail.

However, the woman’s father and two brothers, including the arrested man, avenged the death by attacking the killer’s brothers.

The father and his two sons were declared proclaimed offenders by the court.

During investigations, it was found that one of them was hiding in Dubai.

Capital police then approached Interpol which handed him over to the police.

The investigation officer in the case, Sub-Inspector Mohammad Arshad, said two of the killers were still at large and efforts were underway to arrest them.— Staff Reporter