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Priyanka and The Rock

Unlike his WWE avatar, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a thorough gentleman, especially when it comes to respecting women.

Here`s one reason. The hullabaloo surrounding the promo of the film Baywatch in which the sultry Priyanka Chopra is barely seen for an itsy-bitsy moment has upset her Indian fans. The hype was that she`s playing a major character in the movie. This led to the rumours that she doesn`t have a meaty part in the story. The Rock quickly came to Priyanka C`s rescue and tweeted a series of comments such as `It`s all in the big picture plan` and `She`s perfect and brings such a force.` Priyanka C herself took to social media to clarify that promotional campaigns don`t show the full picture, claiming the `beach is mine.

Hollywood life`s a beach, I suppose.