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FO`s unfortunate faux pas on Edhi

Monitoring Desk 2016-06-19
ISLAMABAD: Refuting rumours about the health condition of Edhi Foundation chairman Abdul Sattar Edhi, his son Faisal Edhi said on Saturday that the renowned philanthropist is feeling better now.

Faisal was quoted by as telling a private TV channel that Mr Edhi was taken to hospital for routine dialysis.

The situation had turned awl(ward earlier in the day when the Foreign Of fice reacted to rumours about Mr Edhi`s demise and issued an obituary statement which it had to retract later.

In the FO statement, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz paid tribute to Mr Edhi. `Today, with the sad demise of legendary philanthropist Abdul SattarEdhi,everyoneinPakistan,Pakistanis abroad and millions of others, are in mourning,` it read.

`The iconic Edhi saheb was a soul who spent his whole life engaged in the noble cause of serving humanity. He lived for others.

The statement added, `We are deeply saddened to lose an ambassador of Pakistan, whose work in Pakistan and abroad has projected the country`s true image and was a matter of great pride for all of us` Mr Aziz offered his condolences to the `bereave d` family.

Later, the Foreign Office retracted its statement.

`We are withdrawing the press release which was based on wrong information passed to this office. Inconvenience is regretted,` it said.