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A learning experience for young Swat scientists

By Our Correspondent 2016-08-19
MINGORA: The young scientists and astronomers conducted practical demonstrations here on Thursday concerningvarious scientiñc Seldsincluding the universe, astronomy, chemistry and educated students about new inventions.

About 1,500 students participated in the session, organised by Alif Ailan and Innovative Youth Forum in collaboration with Khwarizmi Science Foundation Lahore at Wadudia Hall in Saidu Sharif.

The students took keeninterestin the session and said they had already read the theory but practical demonstrations cleared their concept.

`Today I watched several videos and demonstrations and learnt more about science and astronomy.

Although we have read it in the books and teachers have taught us, yet all the topics became clear to us by attending the session,` said Shahzad Ali Khan, a 10th grader of Khushal School and College.

Majority of the students, who attended the session, were studying in government schools.

Fahadullah, a student of Government Centennial Wadudia High School, said that the video presentation and practical experiments were something new and interesting for them.

`I expect that our government will organise such events frequently so that we can practically learnabout science, a difficult subject,` he said.

Roshaan Bukhari, the secretary of Lahore Astronomical Society and Regional Coordinator of Planetary Society Pakistan, said that they educated students on astronomy and conducted practical dem-onstration on physics, biology and chemistry.

`It was our third session in Swat. I am happy that the students took interest in the sessions. We all know that students learn by seeing and doing so we try to teach them through practical demonstration, he said.

Zahoor Ahmad, a PhD scholar of physics and a representative of Khwarizmi Science Foundation, said that they wanted to motivate students towards science for which they practically demonstrated science experiments.

Komail Abbas, another young scientist and representative of Khwarizmi Science Foundation, said that the foundation tried to raise awareness among students, teachers and parents about the importance of science.

He said that they could compete with the world by getting knowledge of science.

`I found the students of Swat talented and attentive. I am sure if we continue these activities we can get a better output from here,` he added.

Swat district naib nazim Abdul Jabbar Shah, who was also present on the occasion, thanked the young scientists for coming to Swat and educating local students. Dr Jawad Iqbal of Innovative Youth Forum said that involving students and youth in healthy and knowledge-based activities was their top priority.

He said that they would organise more such events to beneßtthe students.