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Protesters stop supply from Gurguri oil plant

KARAK: The protesting people of Gurguri on Monday stopped supply of crude oil from the local oil plant on Monday and resolved to continue their protest till acceptance of their demands. Led by Mujahid Khan, the protesters marched to the plant and erected their tents outside it to stop the supply of crude oil from there. They alleged that the gas and oil company was not materialising its pledges made with the local people.

They said that the company didn`t take any step to initiate development projects with its welfare funds in the area to improve the living standard of the local people.

They added that the company didn`t provide basic facilities to them despite the fact that it was extracting local resources in the shape of oil and gas.

The protesters said that the oil and gas company destroyed the local infrastructure by plying heavy overloaded vehicles and made their lives of local people miserable. They demanded end to the environmental pollution in the area, claiming that it was created due to emission of poisonous gases. They added that the company didn`t take any step in that regard despite repeated demands by the local people.

The protesters claimed that the gases were causing different kinds of diseases among the local people. They said that the company should take steps for the neutralisation of the dangerous effects of the gases and utilise it for generation of electricity. They said that trees should be planted in the area to have positive effects on the local environment. They said that waste of central processing facility of Makori was being thrown by the company on the road of Gurguri. They said that the practice should be stopped forthwith.

The protesters also demanded restoration of the sacked security guards of the company. Correspondent