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Eight suspects arrested

ISLAMABAD: Police arrested 8 suspects from various parts of the city, and recovered ornaments, narcotics, stolen goods and weapons from their possession, a police spokesperson said on Sunday.

Bhara Kahu police arrested a suspect allegedly involved in a case of theft, and recovered gold ornaments from him.

Aabpara police arrested an individual, and recovered 200 grams of hashish from his possession, and Shalimar police apprehended two suspects, including an Afghan national.

Industrial Area police arrested a suspect involved in robbery, and recovered an illicit pistol along with ammunition from his possession. Shahzad Town police arrested an individual and recovered 210 grams of heroin from him, while Khanna police arrested two people and recovered 25 litres of liquor.

Cases have been registered against those arrested, andfurther investigations are underway. The police also arrested four professional alms-seekers from F-7 Markaz. A Reporter