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Talks with Taliban underway: minister

Bureau Report 2013-10-22
PESHAWAR, Oct 21: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister Information Minister Shah Farman on Monday claimed that peace talks between the government and the Taliban were underway, and wished that the talks would succeed.

`If peace talks succeed, that will be a defeat to the political elements, who are opposing them,` he told visitors at his office here, says a handout.

The minister said some political parties feared that the success of dialogue would expose their real face and their future would be bleak.

He said such political forces had kept the whole country, especially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in a state of war for the last 10 years and had on other hand enjoyed the benefits of the government for own interests.

Mr Shah Farman said denial of the Taliban about involvement in Peshawar bomb blasts were a clear proof that anti-state elements were busy sabotaging the peace process.

He said the time had proved that bomb blasts at public places were meant to harass the people and destroy the peaceful environment.

The minister said after the Taliban distanced themselves from bomb blasts, the government was carrying out investigation to find the real culprits and their nefarious designs.

He said the government was also in the process of investigating the groups assisting such anti-state elements. Mr Shah Farman said corrupt elements were making hue and cry whenever the government took action against them.