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Rumpus in Senate as PPP member uses harsh words against Imran

By Iftikhar A. Khan 2020-06-23
ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Monday witnessed rumpus after a member of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) used harsh words against Prime Minister Imran Khan for his `failure` to implement the manifesto of the Pakistan Tehreelei-Insaf.

Bahramand Tangi of the PPP used words like `incompetent`, `selected` and `thief` for Imran Khan, prompting the treasury members to risein their seats in protest. Members from the opposition also protested in support of Mr Tangi.

Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani asked both sides not to vitiate the atmosphere of the house and expunged remarks against the prime minister.

Leader of the House Dr Shahzad Waseem said that nobody in the house would be allowed to make a false statement in the name of budget speech.

He said: `It is the people who will decide which party has implemented its manifesto or not.

Mr Waseem reminded the PPP of its slogan of `roti, kapra aur makan` and said that it couldn`t be fulfilled while generations got ruined. Hesaid that Larkana, the home constituency of the Bhutto family, was still poverty-stricken.

He said Prime Minister Khan recently distributed Rs2.2 billion among 125,000 poor families of Larkana. `PM distributed this money in the area where the PPP has been in power for more than two decades,` he added.

Earlier, during his budget speech, Mr Tangi said that when he was in the opposition Imran Khan had been making claims to end inflation and unemployment and introduce a uniform education system in the country, address difficulties of overseas Pakistanis, give employment to 10 million people and provide housing to five million people.

He said the prime minister had also beenpromising to bring back looted money worth billions of dollars that had been allegedly stashed abroad, besides increasing the tax collection to trillions of rupees.

The PPP lawmaker said that Imran Khan had used to say that he would be called a puppet prime minister if he failed to get his party`s manifesto implemented. Mr Khan had been saying that his cabinet would have 15 members only and he would not run the country though his cronies,he added.

Mr Tangi said corruption and favouritism during the PTI rule were on the rise. He said he wanted to know the whereabouts of PTI leader Jahangir Khan Tareen who had been allegedly found involved in the sugar crisis. `Why thegovernment is not arresting him,` he asked.

He also mentioned the name of federal minister Khusro Bakhtiar.

Jamaat-i-1slami emir sirajul Haq said while the non-development budget had gone up, the development budget had been reduced further.

He said there should be one tax instead of over 40 taxes. He called for enforcement of Islamic system of Zakat and Ushr.

Usman Kakar of the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party alleged that heads of two major opposition parties were in collusion with the government.

Terming the budget anti-poor, he asked the people to take to the streets to throw the government out of power.