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In bid to avenge woman`s `abduction`, enraged clansmen kill two youths in attack on village

By Our Correspondent 2023-07-23
SUKKUR: Scores of Mahar clansmen, many of them waving firearms and firing shots into the air, stormed their way into Narch village near Sangi town in Pannu Agil on Friday evening and attacked a house, killing two youths and wounding several other people.

The invaders, all riding motorcycles, also abducted two women and a young girl and took them into Raza Goth, located within the gang-infested riverine area, and held themhostage.

Residents of Narch village and local reporters said that the Mahars were outraged over disappearance of a woman of their clan a few days ago and believed that she had been abducted by a Kalhoro youth living in Narch village.

They said the invaders targeted the house to recover the abducted woman and punish the Kalhoro family. However, several other houses and people also came under the attack due to the indiscriminate firing resorte d t o by the invaders, they added.Police moved into action after a video of the incident went viral on the social media.

It was not clear whether the Mahar woman had left her house to contract a freewill marriage with a Kalhoro youth or she had been abducted for the purpose.

Local reporters said that the armed motorcycle-riders kept firing into the air before targeting a particular house in the village, dominated by Kalhoro tribesmen. Two youths, later identified as Abdul Wahab Kalhoro and Ghulam Murtaza Kalhoro, were found shot dead in the village. Three other people, whose names could not be ascertained till late Saturday evening, sustained bullet wounds.

The invaders took away two women, said to be sisters, and ayoung girl, at gunpoint.

A large number of Kalhoros took to the streets and proceeded to the nearby section of the National Highway, near Mustafa fuel station in Pannu Agil, and held a noisy demonstration against the invaders of their village and police. They placed the bodies of the two youths in the middle of the road to block it for several hours.

On Saturday, a strong contingent of police raided Raza Goth and recovered the three hostages from the clutches of their abductors, Sukkur SSP Sanghar Malik told the media.

He said that earlier negotiations were also held with representatives of the protesters and the area police succeeded in pacifying them and persuadingthem to clear the road.

SSP Malik said that he himself led the police force, drawn from various police station, to supervise the raid in Raza Goth for the safe recovery ofthe hostages.

He said an FIR of the incident was registered at the Sangi police station. The relevant sections of the Anti-Terrorism Act had been added to the FIR, he said.

The SSP said that the Sangi SHO and several of his subordinates had been placed under suspension over their criminal negligence leading to the attack on the village and abduction of the women and girl.

Besides, he added, the DSP concerned has been asked to explain his position.