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Nacta slaps ban on two more organisations

By Mohammad Asghar 2019-08-23
RAWALPINDI: The National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta) has declared two more outfits Hizbul Ahrar and Balochistan Raaji Ajoi-R-Sangar (BRAS) proscribed organisations under Section 11-B of the Anti-Terrorism Act, putting their members and activities under surveillance.

According to a source, the interior ministry has placed the two organisations on the list of proscribed outfits. Seventyone such organisations are already on the list.

Jamaatul Dawa was declared proscribed organisation in March, along with its several af filiates.

Falah-i-Insaniyat Foundation was proscribed in March and its two affiliates in May. Pak-Turk International Education FoundationwasproscribedinApril.

A security of ficial said the ongoing operation against the proscribed organisations would continue till the achievement of results under the National Action Plan.