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Changes to tribal system against local customs opposed

By Our Correspondent 2017-05-24
KHAR: The pro-administration elders of Bajaur Agency have reiterated that they won`t accept any changes to the current tribal system against their customs and traditions.

Addressing a news conference at the political compound in the Civil Colony here the other day, elders from subtribes of the agency said they were not ready to accept any reforms in tribal areas, which went against local custom and traditions.

Malik Qadar Khan, Malik Abdul Aziz Kahn, Malik Hifzur Rehman, Malik Habibullah Khan, Malik Sattar Khan, Malik Nasar Khan and Malik Shahi Bakht thanked the federal government, especially the prime minister, for delaying action on the Fata reforms bill in the National Assembly and said the move was a great victory of their stand on Fata issue.

They also lauded JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and PkMAP head Mehmood Khan Achakzai for opposing the Fata reforms bill in theNational Assembly.

The elders called both leaders the heroes of tribal areas and said the two had to their credit great efforts to force the government to postpone the socalled Fata reforms bill in the National Assembly.

They claimed that majority of Fata people were against reforms in tribal areas and that elders of Bajaur Agency were unanimous in opposing such changes to the current system of governance, which went against local customs and traditions.

The elders said they would continue opposing the proposed reforms in tribal areas and that they would not allow few lawmakers to implement changes in the region.

They however said they wanted to implement Islamic laws in tribal areas as Islamic laws were the best system for tribesmen.

The elders demanded the local administration impose a complete ban on protests, gathering and public meetings of political parties in bazaars and commercial centres across the agency saying such events badly affect business activities.