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Bajaur admin directed to expedite disposal of cases

By Our Correspondent 2017-05-25
KHAR: Fata Tribunal Chairman Sange Marjan Khan has directed the officials of political administration to expedite disposalofcases oflocal tribal people.

Speaking at a meeting of political administration officials during his visit to Bajaur Agency on Wednesday, he said that the main job of Fata Tribunal was to ensure transparency in disposalofcases oftribalpeople.

He said that Fata Tribunal was committed to provide speedy justice to the people of tribal areas. He added that the tribunal was playing a vital role in disposing of cases on merit.

Political Agent Abdul Amir Khattak and senior officials attended the meeting. They briefed the Fata Tribunal chief about the number and nature of cases, field by local people in their offices. The officialssaid thatthey tried theirbestto dispose of cases in minimum possible time.

According to the officials, cases of land disputes have witnessed a significant increase during the past couple of years in the region. Theysaid that cases could be disposed of speedily if more officials were appointed for the purpose.

Sange Marjan Khan asked the officials to improve their efficiency and dispose of cases on merit. He directed them to dispose of old pending cases on priority.

The Fata Tribunal chief also met with tribal elders and activists of political and religious parties.

Meanwhile, the political administration allowed All Bajaur Political Parties Alliance to hold public meeting against delay in Fata reforms on Thursday (today). Sources said that the decision was made during a meeting of the leaders of the alliance and senior officials here on Wednesday.

They added that ABPPA leaders were allowed to hold public meeting on GT Road in Khar after they assured the administration that the protest would be peaceful.

Sources said that of ficials directed ABPPA leaders to conclude the rally within one hour so that routine activities in the area were not disturbed.

ABPPA president Qari Abdul Majeed said that the protest rally would be held at main bazaar on Thursday (Today).