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Economic ties with Pakistan to be strengthened: EU envoy

By Our Staff Correspondent 2021-10-25
QUETTA: European Union`s Ambassador Androulla Kaminara has said that bilateral relations between Pakistan and the EU will be further strengthened.

During a meeting with media persons on Saturday, she said the EU had signed a strategic engagement plan, which includes issues of anti-terrorism and climate change.

In reply to a question, she said that Pakistan`s exports to EU-member countries had been increasing for the past few years and the economic relations would be strengthened further in future.

Ms Kaminara said that the EU was extending financial cooperation for improvement in different sectors in Balochistan and other areas of Pakistan.

`We are working in those sectors of Balochistan which need more work,` she added.

She said the EU wanted implementation of UN conventions, including freedom of expression, by Pakistan.

`We are closely watching the freedom of expression situation in Pakistan.

In reply to another question, Ms Kaminara said the EU wanted peace and improvement in various sectors in Afghanistan and `we continued our cooperation to achieve that goal under the UN system. We have not recognised the new Afghan government so far, but we are engaged with the Taliban due to various reasons`.

She said the EU wanted to provide humanitarian aid to the needy Afghans.