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Forensic science lab opened in Mingora

MINGORA: Swiss Ambassador Marc Pierre George and UNDP country director Marc-André Franche on Thursday jointly inaugurated the first-ever forensic science lab of the region here.

FSL director Mohammad Quresh Khan was also present on the occasion. The $1.1 million worth forensic lab was established in Landakey, the gateway of Swat district, with the financial support of European Union, Switzerland, Netherlands and provincial government.

The facility will scientifically examine documents, suspected vehicles, fingerprints and photos for criminal investigations conducted by the police.

The UNDP has supported the establishment of the lab and refurbishment of the Peshawar one.

`The establishment of the forensic science laboratory is an important milestone for our Rule of Law project,` said UNDP country director Marc-André Franche.

He said the project would ensure that the police have the capacity to conduct criminal investigations quickly using scientific rigour.

`The lab will help speed up the disposal of cases, improve service delivery and build the people`s trust in the police and the justice system,` he said. The UNDP country director said his organisation procured equipment and consumables to bring the laboratory up to international standards.

He said the Strengthening the Rule of Law project had also provided support to the judiciary, promoted alternative dispute resolution, provided capacity support to the police and prosecutors, and supported legal aid and people`s access to justice.

`One of the project`s key initiatives is to support women in the practice of law, which has led to an increased number of women who are now licensed to practice law and provide legal aid to the people. Correspondent